In S1-S2 the course is built around Level 3 Experiences and Outcomes in both Social Studies and Technologies:

  • Exploring ethical issues in business
  • Participating in enterprise activities such as creating a business proposal for a theme park.
  • Understanding the need for budgeting and looking at ways to manage finance – savings, investment, borrowing
  • Drawing conclusions about globalisation and impact on work patterns in Scotland and beyond
  • Interpreting evidence on external factors than can impact on business
  • Exploring software to search, sort, calculate and display information

In S3 the focus moves to Level 4 Experiences and Outcomes in both areas:

  • Creating a business plan judged by The Business Gateway that incorporates: researching the purpose and features of sectors of the economy, evaluating working practices available to employees, evaluating finance options available to business, presenting, preparing and evaluating financial information, discussing the importance of departments to business success, assessing how internal and external factors influence business
  • Participating in an enterprise activity to raise money for the Microtyco Social Enterprise
  • Selecting and using appropriate software to carry out tasks
  • Examining working environments to consider office layout, ergonomic factors and health and safety legislation




S1/S2 S3
Broad General Education