This course offers a broad and creative experience in graphic communication and graphic design which is both digital and paper based. On completing the course learners will be able to: initiate, develop and communicate often complex ideas graphically and with clarity; interpret often complex graphic communications initiated by others; select and use appropriate graphic communication tasks; and apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication standards and protocols, where applicable.

The course provides opportunities for learners to initiate and develop their own ideas graphically. Learners are encouraged to exercise imagination, creativity and logical thinking whilst considering the impact that graphic communication technologies have on our environment and society. They develop their skills within a 2D and 3D graphic communication context using manual drawings and computer drawing packages. They gain an appreciation and working knowledge of a range of computer aided graphic techniques including those used in a commercial and industrial setting.



S4 S5 S6
National 3--
National 4
National 5
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