Practical creativity exemplifies mankind’s need to be able to control and utilise tools and materials. The sense of achievement that is experienced on the successful completion of a practical project is immense, and the value of this achievement to the development of the personal and social aspects of a candidate’s education cannot be overstated. This course will contribute to the knowledge, understanding and practical experience of candidates whose aspirations and abilities are towards practical work or who are considering a career in the construction industry in any capacity. The course will focus on the development of practical abilities using both hand tools and woodworking machinery, and will allow students to develop knowledge and understanding of processes and manufacturing techniques that are
used within industry.

The Course is of a practical nature, is workshop-based and provides many skills which are appropriate to a wide range of applications. The Course will develop skills in marking-out, cutting, shaping, machining and finishing materials, as well as adjusting and maintaining a range of hand tools. Apart from giving an insight into industry practice, such studies help with the development of self-confidence, manual dexterity and control, perseverance, maturity and spatial awareness.

S4 S5 S6
National 5