Science is an important part of our heritage and we use its applications every day in our lives at work, at leisure and in the home. Science and the application of science are central to our economic future and to our health and wellbeing as individuals and as a society. Scotland has a long tradition of scientific discovery, of innovation in the application of scientific discovery, and of the application of science in the protection and enhancement of the natural and built environment. Young people are fascinated by new discoveries and technologies and become increasingly aware of, and passionate about, the impact of science on their own health and wellbeing, the health of society and the health of the environment.

Through learning in the sciences, young people develop their interest in, and understanding of, the living, material and physical world. They engage in a wide range of collaborative investigative tasks, which allows them to develop important skills to become creative, inventive and enterprising adults in a world where the skills and knowledge of the sciences are needed across all sectors of the economy.



Department Head

Staff Members

Mr G Henderson

Mr V Bethune

Dr C Campbell

Mr N Cunningham

Mr. S Kennedy

Mrs D Kirkham

Mrs K Forrest

Mrs S Hannah

Mrs H Hughes

Mrs. C Mooney

Mr I Kerr

Mr R King

Miss J Riddell

Miss K Ross

Dr B Taylor


Science Technicians

  • Mrs M McComb
  • Mr G Paxton
  • Mrs. A Runciman


  • Science
  • Science Baccalaureate