In S1 and S2, pupils follow a general science course which consists of a mix of biology, chemistry and physics as well as exploring topical science issues.  In S3 pupils can choose to specialise in one, two or three sciences which they can progress to study for qualifications in S4 – S6 should they wish.  Young people participating in the experiences and outcomes in the sciences will:

  • develop a curiosity and understanding of their environment and their place in the living, material and physical world
  • demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the big ideas and concepts of the sciences
  • develop skills of scientific inquiry and investigation using practical techniques
  • recognise the role of creativity and inventiveness in the development of the sciences
  • recognise the impact the sciences make on their lives, the lives of others, the environment and on society
  • express opinions and make decisions on social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental issues based upon sound understanding
  • develop as scientifically literate citizens with a lifelong interest in the sciences
  • establish the foundation for more advanced learning and, for some, future careers in the sciences and technologies.


Broad General Education