The History department at JYHS aims to encourage pupils’ interest in finding out about the past, to develop their skills and lay down a strong foundation of subject knowledge, with the study of Scotland’s history at the centre of all our courses. From S1 to Higher, pupils take part in active learning, discussion, debate and project work and are expected to aim for excellence in critical thinking, independent research and extended writing.

In S1-S3, our courses are based on Level 3 and Level 4 Outcomes, tracing the development of the Scottish nation, the impact of immigration, conflict and social and political changes. Cases studied include the Ancient Greece and Rome, the Scottish Wars of Independence and the British Empire, but pupils also have opportunities to choose topics to study individually and as a class. Courses encourage a progression in skills including comparison, source analysis and evaluation.

National 4, National 5 and Higher courses study a broad range of Scottish, British and European & World topics. At all levels, pupils are expected to complete an independent research project which is written up under exam conditions.

A qualification in History is highly valued by employers and by universities. Historians are prominent in fields as diverse as politics, journalism, law, the civil service, social work, teaching and finance – in fact, any field in which research, critical judgement, strong analytical techniques and good writing skills are important.



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Mrs. S Muirhead

Mr M Bell
Ms M Dewar
Miss R Kanaan, (prob)



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