Music, in all its forms and types, is a part of everyone’s life. Studying Music encourages self-motivation, independence and responsibility. It also develops co-ordination skills, communication skills, working with others and creativity. Music is a major industry and employer and it contributes significantly to the economy. Pupils who study Music will begin to appreciate and understand how it is created, leading to a life-long enthusiasm, fascination and enjoyment of the subject.

The Music Department is very well equipped. Pupils are able to benefit from two rooms that are set up as keyboard labs (one of which is also doubles up as a Music IT room with 20 PCs connected to the keyboards) a class set of 20 iPads are also used by classes. Pupils also play guitar, bass guitar, tuned percussion and drumkit in the classroom. Lessons therefore are very ‘hands-on’ with the majority of lessons being devoted to playing instruments.

Pupils in S5 and S6 also have the opportunity to study a Creative Industries Course, which investigates a range of sectors and career opportunities in the creative industries, which includes jobs such as advertising, art and design, film, music and the performing arts amongst many. Pupils will then select a particular job role that they are interested in and focus on developing their skills within this role. This course provides a fantastic opportunity to develop practical and employability skills.

Instrumental instruction is provided on Brass, Woodwind, Bagpipes, Percussion and Guitar. Selection for these lessons usually occurs in S1, although many pupils have already started in primary school and continue with the same instructor when they arrive.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities operate within the department including a Wind Band, Brass Band, Guitar Ensembles, Percussion Ensemble, Vocal Groups and Rock Bands. The department organises an annual Music Camp to the Scottish Borders and takes part in Wind Band and Brass Band competitions each year. Trips to London and Paris have been organised in recent years along with productions of Musical Shows.


Department Head

Staff Members

Mr B Dobson

Mr B Dobson

Mrs G Beattie

Mrs C Robertson


Mrs R Fisher (Guitar instructor)

Mrs J Kelly (Woodwind instructor)


Ms S Naish (Percussion instructor)

Mrs B Poynter (Brass instructor)




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