The Creative Industries is a sector which includes jobs such as advertising, art & design, film, music and the performing arts amongst many.

The Creative Industries Course is designed to develop practical and employability skills. It will provide an opportunity to investigate a range of sectors and career opportunities in the creative industries. Pupils will then select a particular job role that they are interested in and focus on developing their skills within this role. This course provides a fantastic opportunity to develop employability skills.

The course has 4 units:

  • An Introduction
  • Skills Development
  • The Creative Process
  • Creative Project

Each unit is designed to develop practical and employability skills. Pupils will work as part of a team to plan and implement an event (for example a Talent Show) in which they will work as a team to plan the lighting, sound, publicity, stage management etc. The course also provides the opportunity to engage with working professionals and develop skills through guest speakers and excursions.



S5 S6
National 5