A Fantastic “Insight” into Nursing

JYHS students from S2,S3,S4& S5 attended the NHS Nursing Insight Day, Saturday 30th March 2019,  at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Neve (S3) summarised her experience of the event as follows

“Our day at the Western General was incredibly enjoyable and indeed very insightful. Before attending the event I only had a vague idea of the path I would be required to take in order to enter the medical field, and I was rather intimidated by how competitive and difficult it may be to even consider medicine. The speakers at the Nursing Insight Day, which consisted of not only doctors and nurses but patients as well, offered more advice and demonstrations than I could have possibly hoped for and weren’t as formal as I had expected, which created a light and relaxed atmosphere.

Our day began with several lectures about subject choice, university recommendations, university syllabus, different career paths, training, salaries, skills and qualities required and even what to include and take part in to make our applications and CVs more enticing! These lectures were followed by stories from different nurses about their experiences and told us to feel free to ask any questions.

Afterwards, all the attendants were split into four groups and taken to different workshops around the hospital. The workshops included observing tools and machines in the Operating Theatre, being taught CPR and how to use a defibrillator, taking each others Vitals, and a Show and Tell station where the other basics of being a nurse were explained and demonstrated. 

Finally, as the day concluded, we were all asked to give feedback and received certificates for attending. 

Although I cannot speak for everyone who attended, I personally loved the insight day, and have since been convinced to work towards becoming a nurse due to the impact it has had on my views of the medical field and because I have been well informed and put at ease that it is possible if I work hard enough. 

I hope the James Young High School continues to offer great opportunities to attend events like this in future, and I will most certainly attend as many of them as I can if given the chance to do so”. 

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