The JYHS Cluster Brass Band provides primary and secondary pupils with the opportunity to learn how to cooperate and perform within a larger group. The band comprises primary pupils from JYHS feeder primary schools (Bankton, Bellsquarry, Dedridge and Williamston) and secondary pupils in S1 to S3 who receive brass tuition. The band offers opportunities to take part in concerts and sometimes at competitions.

The band is formed at the start of the school year in September and rehearses weekly throughout the term providing a matinee performance at the JYHS Christmas Concert.


Who Can Attend

Primary pupils from feeder primary schools and secondary pupils in S1 to S3 who receive brass tuition. Eligible pupils will be invited to join the band.

Where We Meet

The Lecture Theatre at JYHS




When We Meet

Thursdays 3.35pm – 4.35pm


Contact Details

Name: Mrs B. Poynter

Telephone: 01506 414244



Events / Activities

The following events are scheduled for the Cluster Brass Band (check the calendar for this year’s dates):

Cluster Band Rehearsals at Music Camp

Annually in October

The JYHS Music Camp takes place at the Broomlee Centre in West Linton. Cluster Brass Band members from primary schools are invited to join secondary school pupils at the JYHS Music Camp on Saturday for rehearsals and outdoor activities.

JYHS Christmas Concert – Matinee Performance

Annually in December

The JYHS Cluster Brass Band usually take part in the matinee performance of the JYHS Christmas Concert. This is an excellent opportunity for parents and family to watch the band play in a relaxed and festive concert, and see the fantastic progress made by the band since the start of the school year. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the JYHS school office.


From time to time the Cluster Brass Band is also involved in other events. For example in November 2014, the Cluster Brass Band performed at a special charity concert in conjunction with Total Brass (an award-winning brass quintet) and also took part in the Scottish Youth Brass Band Festival in Perth.