Want to learn Latin from scratch?

The JYHS Latin Group allows pupils the opportunity to learn about Latin language and literature. Starting last August, this has been a fast moving and often light-hearted dash through Latin, with some of the group crossing the Rubicon and sitting National 5 at the end of the year. Focusing mainly on translation, we also dipped our sandaled toes into the wonderful Mediterranean waters of Latin literature: Catullus, Vergil and Ovid.

This group will continue to look at Latin language, literature and culture, but if you think you would like to have a go at studying Latin from scratch, then please content Mr Holt.

Latin Students in the Sma' Glen

Latin 1

Latin students on the Antonine Wall


Who Can Attend

S5 and S6 pupils at JYHS

Where We Meet

Mr Holt’s Room in the English Department at JYHS



Students need to provide their own course books

When We Meet

Tuesdays 1.10pm – 1.55pm


Contact Details

Name: Mr C. Holt

Telephone: 01506 414244

Email: charles.holt@westlothian.org.uk