The JYHS Seniors Football Team is built on a philosophy of playing football with a smile on our faces. We achieve this by adopting a playing style which promotes team spirit and encouragement for all. We play our football on the floor and encourage players to take chances and play with freedom. We are very much a team who will win or lose together and with the humility expected of a school team.


Who Can Attend

Open to any boys at JYHS in S4 to S6

Where We Meet

Team meeting in the CDT department at JYHS



£2 for away games

When We Meet

Fridays 1.30pm – 5pm


Contact Details

Name: Mr N. O’Neill and Mr N. Torsney

Telephone: 01506 414244



Events / Activities

No training – just a team meeting and games every Friday in the Lothian League.

We also play in 3 cup competitions – The Scottish Shield, The Lothian Cup and the West Lothian Cup.