Opportunities for pupils to recognise the skills and progress made in activities out with class and school. Pupils will have an awareness of all the opportunities available to them in their community and have the opportunity to reflect on these in Didbook and in conversations with their House Head.

For S1 & S2 pupils, i-participate incorporates the JASS awards.

In S1 pupils can attend an i-participate fair with their parents as part of their Welcome Evening. Representives from community clubs as well as school clubs attend, and pupils are required to gather stickers for their i-participate passport highlighting the time and place of their chosen activity. Some clubs even offer House points for participation!

i-participate Leaflet

i-participate leaflet

i-participate JASS Leaflet

i-participate JASS leaflet

JASS VideoJASS Video

Opportunities to lead pupil council, be involved in school focus groups etc
Opportunities to lead groups in school eg. Peer Mediation, Mission Equality, Rights Respecting School, Eco Group, Fair Trade etc.
Opportunities to contribute to charity fundraising. Pupils will gain House points for contribution towards fundraising. There is a form to be completed and authorised when pupils would like to hold a fundraising event.
Opportunities to develop skills through Outdoor Learning.
Timetabled for 1 period per week for S1 from august 2016.

Based on the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

This will incorporate elements of learning to learn, resilience, fear of failure etc

There may be the Opportunity to gain a Dynamic Youth Award.

i-wonder challenges will be given to each year group S1-S3, designed to focus on using interdisciplinary learning to develop higher order thinking skills as well as skills for learning, life and work.
This is an additional period in S1 for numeracy work from August 2016.

It will be supported by S6 Numeracy Ambassadors.

i-choose academies are timetabled during the week in S3. Pupils can make 2 choices from a range of options – all designed to focus on further developing literacy, numeracy and/or health and wellbeing in some unfamiliar, but very exciting, contexts. Some academies will also involve inter disciplinary work.

Examples include: Chocolate Academy, Nail academy, Comic Academy, Swimming Academy, Magazine Academy, App Academy, Knitting Academy, Video Production Academy, Enterprise Academy, Football Academy, Drawing Academy, Day of the Dead Academy, Crystal Academy, etc.


i-choose leaflet

Timetabled for 1 period a week for S2 from August 2016.

This will encourage pupils to think creatively about how they can support local charities. It will also bring in elements of modern studies, art, music, drama and enterprise as well as work with the Youth Philanthropic Initiative.

There may be an opportunity to gain a Dynamic Youth Award.


i-contribute leaflet

This is YPI video

This is YPI video

Alternative course in S3 for some pupils to help self-esteem and confidence.


i-xl leaflet

Pupils enter S1 with their i-journals which are their profiles from P7.
This is what we call all the celebrations of learning in the BGE eg BART, Prizegiving, Transition Festival at the end of S3, praise postcards, merits and sharing of achievement on the school website.
This is the name given to folders of best work which new S1 pupils bring from P7. From January to June in P7 they choose their best work to put in their folders, and then carry these folders for the first few weeks in secondary. The work provides an initial learning conversation with their new teachers, where the pupils can talk about their strengths in the various curriculum areas.
In secondary school they continue to profile using Didbook.


i-did leaflet

Pupil, staff & parents can use their i-reflect pocketbook to support self reflection on learning.

i-reflect Broad General Education pocketbook

i-reflect pocketbook