The James Young High School Cluster includes Bankton Primary, Bellsquarry Primary, Dedridge Primary and Williamston Primary.

An increasing percentage of S1 pupils come from outwith the catchment (approx 30%).


It is the aim of JYHS to establish good relationships between pupils and teachers within a caring ethos and to provide support as necessary for individual needs.

Links established with associated primaries allow for a smooth transfer and care is taken to ensure the transition and induction programmes are well thought out.

This procedure ensures that the pupils benefit from the transition experience and that curricular, pastoral and social aspects are addressed.

The overriding aim is to consolidate and enhance the learning process and raise attainment of pupils.

This is evaluated.

School Links & Events

  • The Head Teacher attends Cluster meetings.(If appropriate, a Deputy Head Teacher will also attend if required)
  • P7 input from secondary staff Science, Maths, Modern Languages, CDT & HE
  • Maths Challenge
  • JYHS arrange a P7 conference which includes all associated P7 pupils and non catchment P7’s planning to join JYHS in S1.
  • 2 day induction programme runs in June.

Support/Information Sharing

Pupil Support will visit prior to the 2 induction days ie. House Head or Monitoring & Tracking teacher. If a school is sending less than five pupils this may not be possible.

The purpose of the visit is to establish contact and reassure youngsters. All questions are addressed.

Whenever possible 2 current S1 pupils originally from the primary school to be visited also accompany staff – an example of good practice.

Mrs Mackie, Pupil Support Manager and Learning Support also contact primaries for information and attend Child Protection Meetings (“CPM”), Individualised Educational Programme (“IEP”) meetings as appropriate.

It is the responsibility of the Depute Head, Support to collect information via the transfer form on friendship groups, Additional Learning Needs (“ALN”), etc.

All information related to pupils is gathered and used in formation of classes.

All arrangements including the P7 conference, induction day programme and disseminating information are undertaken by Depute Head, Support.

P7 profiles are available for all staff to read and are available on the staff folder.


  1. P7 Information Meeting.
  2. Letters to P7 parents.
  3. S1 pupil input at P7 visit.
  4. Induction booklet.
  5. P7 Conference.
  6. Buddy system for induction days.
  7. Continued buddy system in operation during S1.
  8. Early S1 parents meeting to meet Personal Support Teachers.
  9. Assemblies.
  10. 1-1 or group interviews with Monitoring & Tracking teacher.
  11. Outdoor education 1 day trip to Lowport + Personal Support Teacher.
  12. In class support as necessary.
  13. Nurture programme for identified pupils.
  14. Access to the JYHub.

In addition many P7/S1 pupils are familiar with the building through Monday Night Youth Group for P6/P7’s.

All relevant letters, forms etc can be found in P7/S1 transition folders held by Mr Urquhart.

P7/S1 Transition

Term 1

P7 Parents Information Evening for cluster primaries.
School Prospectus to cluster primaries.


Term 2

Provisional numbers from Pupil Placement.
Information – Transfer form with P7 teachers.
Contact made by learning support: P7/S1 Transfer Forms returned by end of April.


Term 3

Meeting of P7 teachers and Monitoring & Tracking staff/Pupil Support to exchange additional information.
P7 conference.

JYHS staff and 2 S1 pupil visits to primary schools.
Issue welcome booklet.

Two day visit to secondary school.
Final transfer of information.

P7 profiles available to staff in JYHS.
Primary assessment information available to secondary staff.



New S1 “Meet the Personal Support Teacher” evening.