The School Improvement Plan covers four areas of improvement:

  1. To continue to evolve our vision through ongoing reflection and debate across the school and community in order to ensure high quality learning experiences and the effective use of assessment for our young people in order that they maximise their successes and achievements.
  2. Ensuring Equity through developing a whole school strategy for narrowing the equity gap and raising attainment for young people from areas of highest deprivation.
  3. To build on work done on self evaluation to extend to individual staff through career long professional learning and key school areas.
  4. To continue to improve and develop an understanding of health and wellbeing across the school community and family learning.

School Improvement Plan 2016/17 School Improvement Plan 2016/17


School IMprovement Plan 2015-16 cover School Improvement Plan 2015/16

School Improvement Plan 2014/15 Parent & Pupil Version - coverSchool Improvement plan 2015/16 – Parent and Pupils


School Improvement Plan 2014-15 School Improvement Plan 2014/15