The S6 Paired Reading programme began in September 2014

S6 pupil involvement with a young person can have a huge impact on their confidence as well as their reading ability. S6 pupils are allocated one pupil S1-3 and meets with them twice a week for a short session.

two children in a classroom with books

Paired reading can take place anywhere and helps young people to develop reading skills at home too. Here are the helpful hints shared with the S6 readers in the programme.

Key points:

First few sessions

  1. Get to know your reader.
  2. Decide where you would like to read – quiet place near SfL is good!
  3. Begin collecting reading material to suit your reader.

(cinema freebies, newspaper cuttings, football programmes etc, remember you need two copies!)

  1. Write times of paired reading in their school diary.
  2. Decide if you want to implement an award scheme eg. stickers on target card.
  3. Encourage them and give them feedback when you see them in school.

Once you get going

  1. Read facing your copy of the text, not facing the reader.
  2. Read together at the beginning.
  3. If the reader makes an error, you read the word correctly and the reader repeats it.
  4. You and reader agree on a signal which either can use to stop or to ask a question.
  5. Praise at the end of the session and comment on improvements you notice.
  6. Talk about what you have read – this helps the reader to develop reading with comprehension.
  7. Use the prompt cards in your pack when you feel reader is confident in the sessions.
  8. Enjoy!

Further reading if you get into paired reading!….

“Supporting Students with Dyslexia in Secondary School” by Moira Thomson

Dyslexia Scotland website

Nikki Heyman (Speech Therapist) website