S2 into S3 Personalisation and Choice Booklet

The attached booklet has been produced for second year pupils and their parents. We hope that it gives you the right amount of information about how pupils can personalise their learning as they enter the final year of the Broad General Education.

It is important that this is not viewed as course choice in the traditional sense. This now happens at the end of S3. The purpose of personalising the curriculum of pupils in S3 is to allow more depth and challenge to be built in to learning as pupils prepare for the senior phase (S4-S6). It is currently and will remain compulsory in S3 for pupils to study Maths, English, Modern Languages, Science, Expressive arts, Technology, Social Subjects. The personalisation happens within these mandatory curriculum areas. All pupils will also study core subjects of PSE, RMPS and P.E.

S2 into S3 Prospectus

S2 into S3 Personalisation and Choice Sheet


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