Senior Phase Prospectus and Application form

The key question for pupils at this stage of their education is to decide with the help of their parents/carers is “What do I want to achieve by my leaving date?”

In order to help with this, we have produced this prospectus. It starts with some general information and then gives you course outlines for the subjects and levels offered in the senior school. There is an additional section for S6 pupils towards the end. Please take time to read through the pages thoroughly and seek advice if you find anything unclear. Speak to your teachers, your house head, research entrance qualifications for courses in universities, colleges and/or requirements for modern apprenticeships and employment. Do not rely on hearsay. Entrance requirements change regularly. Time taken to do these things will be a valuable asset in the long term.

As part of the process of choosing subjects, the school will organise a special assembly, hold an Information Evening for pupils and parents, devote some PSE time for discussions and then hold a Course Choice Day when your choices will be recorded. These choices should be regarded as FINAL. Only in exceptional circumstances will changes be permitted in August following further discussion.

Please note that Maths @ Work will no longer be offered next session so please discount from the subject choice sheet at Prospectus.


Senior Phase Choice Sheet

2017-01 Senior Phase Prospectus

New S5 & S6 Pupils Application Form

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