Summer School

In line with West Lothian Council’s guidelines with regard to examination leave, only pupils who are sitting five or six National 5 examinations are entitled to take the full examination leave. Pupils who are sitting less than that number are required to be involved in the special arrangements that the school is providing, which we call “Summer School”.

Click here for the 2018 Summer School Timetable.

Please note that Summer School pupils are allowed to take two days examination leave before any National 5 examination they may be sitting to help with preparation/revision. They should also attend the relevant Immersions Classes.

Summer school lessons will be delivered by teachers in the school from Monday to Thursday. Pupils will also be set a task each week to complete at home on Fridays. There will also be activities, visits and opportunities that will involve people from outside school. If pupils complete all of the necessary classwork and assessments they will receive an SQA Employability Award. This is a recognised qualification at National 4 level and will provide very useful skills and information about finding a positive destination after school.

Some of the activities will involve trips out of school, for example to Xcite (2nd  or 9th May), Outdoor Education Trip (9th May) Edinburgh Trip (24th May). Where appropriate school staff will accompany pupils to the venue, but in some cases they will be supervised by non-school staff for the activity.  There is no charge for any of the activities.


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