The Post Results Service

Per our letter dated April 2017 – SQA Exceptional Circumstances and Post Results Service

The Post Results Service operates after the results have been published where a concern exists about an awarded grade which is significantly out of line with expectations. West Lothian council schools will only submit requests on the basis of strong evidence. Requests will not be submitted on compassionate grounds for the Post Results Service and will not be submitted on the grounds that the parent/carer offers to pay for the costs of submission. The school requires written consent from a parent/carer and pupil to authorise a post results services request to SQA since a marking review can result in an increase or a decrease in the awarded grade.

Post Results Services will not be requested where:

A pupil’s awarded grade is in line expected of the school based on performance throughout the course and with the estimated grade submitted by school to the SQA.
A change in band will not change the overall grade eg Grade B band 3 estimated and Grade B band 4 awarded – pupil still achieves an overall Grade B.
The pupil’s performance has been inconsistent during the year such that the final award falls within the range of performance.
The pupil’s estimate is found to be overly optimistic in light of actual performance of the class cohort in the examination.
Awarded Grade is higher than the estimated grade.

The final decision to submit the Post Results Service Request will be taken by the Head Teacher. A parent/pupil who is dissatisfied with the decision may request the Head Teacher to reconsider their original decision not to submit the Post Results Service Request. The parent must submit the request in writing and within the timescale for processing Post Results Services requests. The Head Teacher will respond to such communications within 5 days giving reasons for rejecting a request if required. All correspondence will be logged and filed for further scrutiny as necessary.

The result of any decision made by the SQA regarding a Post Results Services adjudication will be made known to the parent/carer and pupil as soon as practicable after being notified to the school.

Should your child feel their grade is significantly out of line with expectations and your child requires grades for university or college entrance we can potentially access the SQA Post Results Service – such priority requests would have to be made to the school by Friday 11 August.

For requests where a university or college place does not hinge on a grade change please contact the school by Thursday 24 August.

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